Sue Field is a lover of the outdoors, travel and sports. After a 20+ year career as an investment banker and CFO in major cities across the US, Sue decided to follow her heart and moved to Colorado with her husband John to have fun and live life to the fullest. While on a mountain bike ride that was rated "Easy" (she wished she had body armor on!), Sue realized that a need existed for guidebooks that cater to athletes and non-athletes alike who recognize that they are not invincible. Her motto, "Live To Play Another Day" became the inspiration to form Multisport Journeys, LLC. Sue is also a huge fan of Life Is Good and its positive messages. The Multisports' cartoon art was originally designed to promote the active travel guidebooks, but one thing led to another and a brand was born!


A Boomer and a Warrior at heart, Sue researches and selects all of Multisport's travel locations. She also plans, tests and documents all of the profiled activities. When she is not out hiking, biking, kayaking and/or skiing she can be found on her computer digitizing artwork, developing web based applications and working with vendors - and wearing Multisport gear! Visit her Linked In page to learn more about the rat race she left behind. You can see her hard at work below!



John Carbonneau, Sue's husband, often accompanies her on Multisport's scouting trips. A retired physician, John shares Sue's love of nature and of biking, hiking and paddling. He adores his ATV and is an ardent, if cautious, Jeeping advocate. John's contribution to Multisport is to offer the Explorer and Cruiser perspective when rating and choosing activities for inclusion. He also serves as one of Multisports' fabulous models and faithfully supports the brand. See John sharing his wisdom below!